Role of Partners

Naval Architect Jens Kristensen is conducting the technical analyses while associate professor Henrik Hagbarth Mikkelsen from Marstal Navigationsskole is coordinating the overall project and dissemination of results. The remaining partners will be contributing within their professional fields. 

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Partner Company or Insitution   Fields of assistance
 Soeby Vaerft   Business and production plan. Technical assistance with newbuilding price estimate. Input for marketing plan.
 Tuco Marine   Business and production plan. Carbon composite design solutions. Technical assistance with newbuilding price estimate including carbon composite materials. Input for marketing plan.
Siemens   Technical assistance with design of battery layout and recharge stratregy. Assistance with price estimate and supplier contracts setup on electrical package. Possibility of full service package including wind turbine finance.
Soeby Skibselektro   Technical assistance on price estimate and supplier contracts on electrical package. Assistance on maintenance cost estimate as well.
Syd Energi SE  

Design of land installations. Price estimate of same solutions. Supplier strategy on green power from wind turbines. Price estimate input for business model including knowhow on tax regime.

Ærø Kommune  

Commitee on sustainable energy.Legal advice on operation permits and land infrastructure. Evalution on socio-economic costs. Finance possiblities of funding and subsidies e.g. from government or the EU. 

DNVGL small   Technical assistance with aspects concerning approval of needed technology and solutions
force technology   Technical assistance with Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) calculations of optimal hull design and advice on propulsion layout. 
 SIMAC   Evaluation of the environmental impact of ferry operation and newbuilding/scrapping. Evaluation of the needed crew competences and educational implications together with Marstal Navigationsskole. 
SDU   Evalution of the environmental and socio-economic impact of ferry operation. Input for business model on finance. Legal advice on puplic tender and Private-Puplic Partnership (PPP).
TINV   Network partner with access to strong technical competences within transport research and battery solutions. Also knowhow on financial solutions for transport R&D.  
Fyns maritime klynge 200 widthand   Maritime Cluster Fyn / Innovirk. Network partner with access to the strong maritime competences on Fyn and the former Lindoe Steel Shipyard, now Lindoe Industrial Park and Lindoe Offshore Renewable Center. Assistance on business model and local synergies.
 Innovirk Fyn