norled ferry 250   The first ever large scale car and passenger battery ferry is expected to commence operation in 2015 between Lavik and Oppedal across the Sognefjord in Norway. The fully electrically powered ferry is delivered by Fjellstrand AS to the ferry operator Norled AS. Siemens AS in Trondheim Norway is supplying the electrical system for propulsion.
cmal seatrial   CMAL (Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd.) are the owner and CFL (CalMac Ferries Ltd.) are the operator of two Hybrid powered ferries servicing on the West Coast of Scotland. The ferries Hallaig and Lochinvar are build in Scotland and the first went into service in October 2013. With battery banks of 700 kWh they can operate on batteries alone but will for most of the time be powered from small diesel engines. The fuel savings from the hybrid solution was estimated to around 20 percent but operational tests in march 2014 have shown savings of 38 percent using also power from shore connections. The project is part of the smallferryproject and has recieved grants from EU interreg IV funding.
 benedikt h high high   Scandlines is converting four ferries on the international route between Denmark and Germany into hybrid ferries with a retrofit of a 2.7 mWh battery pack on each of the ferries. This will allow fuels savings of around 20 percent and large cuts on emission. Siemens is supplying the electrical system for the conversions. The first system, which is considered the single-largest of its kind on a ship, has been installed and Scandlines is to recieve subsidies of 48 million DKK from the EU for the project.
næssund    Mors-Thy færgefart I/S, Danish Yachts, Erhvershus Nord and Marcod (Maritime Centre for optimization and operation) are the partners behind a carbon fibre ferry project for the renewal of the small car and passenger ferry Næssund. The project has been granted funding from the Danish Maritime Authorities of 8.7 million DKK but other remaining 41 million DKK for the ferry newbuidling are yet to be financed by the local municipalities or other interests. The project is based on the analysis from the Eco-Island ferry Study sponsored by the Danish Maritime Fund.
bluedrive østensjø   The new diesel electric propulsion system BlueDrive PlusCTM is an innovative hybrid power management and propulsion system developed by Siemens which allows for significant savings on fuel and cuts on emission. The number of references is currently more than twenty ships mostly within the offshore segment.
Norsk batterikabelfærge   Mississauga, Ontario, headquartered Electrovaya Inc. (TSX:EFL) reports that a cable ferry powered by one of its battery systems has now been sailing between Mjånes and Hisarøy in Norway daily for six months, with "flawless operation" in Norwegain winter conditions.The ferry, the KF Hisarøy is built to carry 49 passengers and six cars. Owned by Wergeland AS and operated by Gulen Skyssbåtservice, it makes about ten 1.6 km round-trips per day between the mainland and Hisarøy Island. Read more.
Ballerina shuttle CP   When it starts operation in September 2014 Ballerina's new electric ferry, which is yet to be named, will carry foot passengers and cyclists between 10 stops on a 50 minute route of the waterways of Stockholm. It will operate throughout the year, completing eight round trips per day. The batteries will be fully charged during the ferry's overnight stay in the harbour with two partial charging sessions during the course of the day. Read more.